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Metastatic Breast Cancer GPS

(scientific name: AURORA)


Just as a GPS guidance system helps you locate and avoid traffic problems, finding the best route to your destination, the GPS programme aims to identify breakdowns (genetic aberrations) and to map the routes that cancer cells take to invade other organs.

Knowing this, we can stop them, or change their route by choosing the best possible route to treatment.


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Approximately 1 in 3 of all breast cancers will metastasise, meaning the cancer will spread to other parts of the body. This phase of breast cancer is driving mortality.


The “GPS programme” will enable us to understand both why breast cancer metastasises and why some patients with metastatic breast cancer respond poorly to standard treatment, while others respond very well.


Whenever possible, the 1.000 patients included in the “GPS programme” will be offered to take part in a clinical trial testing new and promising drugs that target the specific genetic characteristics of their tumours.


The ultimate hope is that the Metastatic Breast Cancer GPS will benefit patients by leading us to both better treatments and to finding cures for the women and men affected by this disease.



A better understanding of the way metastatic breast cancer progresses and the identification of the roads it will take to spread will enable us to put obstacles (“treatments”) in the right places (“targets”) to slow down or even stop its evolution.

GPS Progress


Seven steps of GPS


More than 1.000 patients, women or men,

from approximately 80 hospitals
(currently activated 59) across Europe

Aurora Map

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