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Finely Tuned Radio-Therapy

(Scientific Name: DCIS)

Radiotherapy patient

Patients with the earliest form of breast cancer (called DCIS) may be offered more tailored radiotherapy which reduces their risk of recurrence while preserving quality of life during and after treatment


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Meet the breast cancer survivors who are taking part in this trial:

Meet Sarah Jane: "It makes patients’ lives a lot easier during a difficult time. The study is so focused on DCIS that you feel that you’re in the very best hands."

Meet Tonnie: "I hope that we can better understand this stage of breast cancer and give a better chance of a cure to other women."

Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS) is a growing health problem since the introduction of mammographic screening has substantially increased its diagnosis (25% of screen detected breast cancer).

While DCIS is not life-threatening, if left untreated it can progress to invasive breast cancer. There is currently no worldwide best practice for treating DCIS.

Following conservative surgery, patients with DCIS receive 5 weeks of radiotherapy. However, some patients, may be cured with a shorter, more convenient course of radiotherapy. Other patients may need a longer course to cure the DCIS.

This international study, involving over 1.600 patients, will tailor radiotherapy to minimise the risk of invasive cancer recurrence in high-risk patients while sparing unnecessary treatment toxicity in low-risk patients.


An additional objective of the study is to enable physicians to discover predictive biomarkers that identify which patients are at low-risk for recurrence and can be safely prescribed a lighter course of radiation treatment, with the same success in curing their DCIS, and which patients are at high-risk for recurrence and require more intense therapy.


By sparing patients unnecessary radiation therapy, the study aims to improve quality of life of patients during and after treatment, while preventing recurrence.

Radiotherapy Progress

4-Arm Study


1.608 patients

from 135 hospitals

in 11 countries

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