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BIG Time for Baby

(Scientific Name: POSITIVE)

A baby after breast cancer ?


Become a stork bringing hope

Young women with homone-sensitive breast cancer are confronted with an unpleasant dilemma:

Can the hormonal treatment be paused to try for a baby without increasing the risk of breast cancer recurrence?

Today, doctors cannot answer this question based on solid scientific evidence... But these women deserve to know.





Discover Zoë's story. Watch the video.




BIG Time for Baby

BIG Time for baby is an international clinical study that aims to find an answer to this important question. This unique study will evaluate whether it is safe for women with hormone-sensitive breast cancer to interrupt endocrine therapy for up to 2 years without increasing the risk of breast cancer relapse in order to attempt pregnancy and realise their dream of becoming a mother. The study will also measure pregnancy success and offspring health.

Up to 500 women younger than 42 that dream of becoming a mom after hormone-sensitive breast cancer are being enrolled to answer this important question. They will interrupt treatment during a period of maximum 2 years to try to get pregnant. The patients will be carefully followed for at least 10 years after enrollement.

To allow this important trial to be successfully completed, at the launch of the campaign mid-September 2016, €5.400.000 still need to be raised. This seems to be an enormous amount, but actually represents €3 per day, per patient.

#AllStorks Campaign


To collect these vital funds, BIG against breast cancer is conducting a crowdfunding campaign, asking individuals to contribute.

The campaign is recognisable on social media with the #AllStorks. Every participant is asked to address her/his network to help this call to go viral. Because with #AllStorks, together, we can make BIG difference in the lives of these patients.



Everybody knows about the legend of the stork delivering babies to people's houses. Just like them, everyone can now join the community of storks in this campaign and bring good luck... and hopefully lots of babies to women that are fighting the return of breast cancer.

Thank you for your support.

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