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Held every year in the heart of Europe, Brussels, the IMPAKT Breast Cancer Conference brings together breast cancer researchers, clinicians and other medical professionals focused on breast cancer, to advance the implementation of new discoveries into clinical practice.

Established by BIG and the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO), IMPAKT is Europe’s niche conference for translational research in breast cancer.

The conference is particularly beneficial to young scientists and oncologists, who have the opportunity to interact with leaders in breast cancer research and treatment.



Gleamlight-BIG080414-0152.jpgTranslational research is defined as transferring the findings of laboratory research, clinical studies and trials to practice settings, for the benefit of patients. Having these discoveries translated into clinical practice is what patients need, but it is equally important that data collected in the clinic gets back to researchers to allow them to dig more deeply into the biological behaviour of the disease.


Every year, IMPAKT gathers about 700 breast cancer specialists from over 50 countries around the world. They have the opportunity to hear opinion leaders debating how to turn the latest scientific discoveries and new technologies into clinical practice, and into real value for breast cancer patients.     





The IMPAKT conference is preceded by a Training Course specifically designed for researchers early in their careers that aims to provide them with the tools and basic notions to understand translational research.

Designed by Drs. Christine Desmedt, Fabrice André, Peter Schmid and Bruno Sinn, the course is dedicated to young, early-career oncologists, pathologists and basic science PhD students, providing them with an understanding of key topics of translational research that are relevant to patient care in breast cancer.



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