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FINESSE is a clinical trial partnership between Breast International Group (BIG), Breast European Adjuvant Study Team (BrEAST), Frontier Science, and in collaboration with Institut de Recherches Internationales SERVIER. It is an open, 3-cohort, phase II trial testing oral administration of lucitanib in patients with FGFR1 ER+ metastatic breast cancer.

It is a global trial involving about 20 sites -being initiated at this moment- from France, Spain, Italy, Germany, UK, Belgium, Canada and Australia, with a target accrual of 2-4 patients per site. The total duration of the study will be 18-24 months.

Coordinating group: Breast International Group (BIG)
Data Centre: Breast European Adjuvant Study Team (BrEAST)
Statistics: Frontier Science Identifier: NCT02053636

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