BIG Breast International Group
We will find a cure for breast cancer through global research and collaboration.

More ways to help

1. Organise an event

You can support BIG against breast cancer by volunteering to host a meeting, dinner, or other type of party to raise awareness and funds for BIG. Our staff will be happy to assist you with the planning of your event and to provide support with communicating BIG’s mission and ongoing projects. If you have an idea for an event, please contact us to help you make it happen!


2. Introduce BIG to your personal / professional network

One of the goals of BIG against breast cancer is to build a network of supporters globally, in all the countries where BIG is present. Your personal and professional connections could be very valuable to help us achieve this goal. If you are willing to introduce BIG to your local or international contacts, please know that we will keep all information strictly confidential and will not approach any individual without your prior approval.


3. Donate your time and professional skills

BIG is a small organisation! We leverage the talents of our excellent staff but we can always use support in areas such as marketing, public relations and advocacy. If you bring these or other skills to the table that you would like to provide to BIG on a volunteer basis, your time is welcome and appreciated! Please contact us to let us know more about how you would like to help.


You have a question? Contact us NOW

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