BIG Breast International Group
We will find a cure for breast cancer through global research and collaboration.


The BIG Headquarters team is a group of over 30 dynamic, passionate and committed people who work on behalf of the Executive Board and the General Assembly to move BIG's research agenda forward. The Headquarters offices are based in Brussels, Belgium.

The dedicated staff at BIG HQ is responsible, among other things, for:

  • Providing support to BIG member groups and data centres that run BIG studies
  • Developing and managing, with BIG member groups and other partners, new research programmes and clinical trials
  • Liaising with industry partners
  • Managing European Commission supported projects, such INTEGRATE and EURECA
  • Leading various communications activities
  • Interacting with members through meetings and other media
  • Coordinating grant applications to benefit the network as a whole
  • Managing the association’s finances, contracts and Headquarters’ human resources
  • Raising funds to support the association’s activities



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