BIG Breast International Group
We will find a cure for breast cancer through global research and collaboration.

BIG Committee of Ambassadors

The BIG “Committee of Ambassadors” represent influential members of the community who wish to show their support for BIG against breast cancer.


They work to grow the BIG network of supporters through introductions and events, and by providing their valuable advice and expertise.


The Ambassadors will help BIG against breast cancer enhance existing programs and activities, develop new ideas and launch bold strategies to raise funds and awareness of the BIG vision: to find a cure.

They will furthermore help BIG expand its activities to a global audience, with prominent events that will not only raise funds, but also make BIG known to a much broader public.


Jessica Parser, President of the Committee of Ambassadors, Belgium

Meet Jessica


Frédéric Van der Schueren, BIG Ambassador, Belgium

Meet Frédéric


Patsy Israël, BIG Ambassador, Switzerland


Edith Roland, BIG Ambassador, Belgium


Catherine Vaxelaire, BIG Ambassador, Belgium


Nathalie Misson, BIG Ambassador, Belgium


Nathalie de Merode, BIG Ambassador, Belgium

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